Latest updates on 12th class result 2023 for all Punjab boards

The 12th class result of 2023 is not announced yet, Students can easily access their second year result from on the result announcement date.

This year, the result is getting announced in September 2023. There is always a gap of 2-3 months after the examination for the preparation till the result of 2nd year 2023 can be announced .The result will be announced on 12 September At 10:00AM.

Announcement date:

Punjab Board class 12th Annual Exams 2023 were conducted on the month of July 2023, and the Result will be announced on 12 September At 10:00 AM. For the latest updates Keep visiting our site .The candidates after the announcement of the result can check it easily from this page.

note: All the Boards of Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Baluchistan have their timetable to declare the annual result of class 12.

How To Check 12th Class Result 2023 Punjab Board?

Many students are confused about how they can check their results after the announcement . Candidates can check their results by following the methods given below:

1)12th Class Result 2023 check by roll number:

Candidates can check their results through their roll numbers. For this, the candidates have to enter the roll number in the search bar available on the official website of the board ,according to their desired city. Candidates can easily check the result after processing the entered roll number.

2)12th Class Result 2023 check by SMS:

The candidates can also check the 12th class result 2023 by SMS. The candidates are required to send the roll number to the code provided by their board.

Punjab Boards SMS Codes for result:

1)Gujranwala Board SMS Code        800299
2)Rawalpindi Board SMS Code        800296
3)Multan Board SMS Code            800293
4)Sahiwal Board SMS Code           800292


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